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Reading for Nalini

There's two parts to the question, firstly the marriage and seondly any consequent children. I'm going to take the time frame as relating to the marriage part of the question, so I'll take part 1 as:

Will I get married before the end of December 1913?'

and part 2 as 'Will the marriage result in children?'

For this post I'll largely ignore your natal chart if you intend to post one or more questions on it as a separate thread.

I've attached the chart, which was cast for 08:48 local time, Kolkota, India. The chart has 3 degrees 26 minutes Cancer rising. This makes the Moon your significator, and it is close to the Ascendant at 11 degrees Cancer. Both by house position and by essential dignity the Moon is very strong. You have the ability to influence the outcome to a considerable degree (assuming you want to). The Moon is also waxing, a good symbol of the time to start a new project or activity.

The prospective partner is signified by Saturn, ruler of the Seventh House. Saturn is on the cusp of the fifth House, which deals with romance and children, This might simply reflect your strong interest in these areas, especially if there is no further supporting evidence for the question.

Saturn is in Libra, where it is exalted and also is the triplicity ruler for the air signs, so Saturn has plemtu essential dignity and is placed in a succeedent house. However, Saturn is in no dignity of the Moon, Nor for that matter is the Moon in any dignity of Saturn, but it is in Saturn's detriment, so there's no indication here of an attraction. The Moon will aspect Saturn by Square but before that square can be completed Saturn will first square Mercury in Aries, and then sextile Jupiter in Taurus. Again this is not a favourable indicator for the desired outcome. I've also checked to see if there's contact by antiscia but there is not.

William Lilly allows the use of two additional significators in marriage questions. The Sun for the male and Venus for the female. These can be used when the two main significators do not suggest a positive outcome. Howeve I would really expect that the main two pointed in the direction of marriage even if they did not promise it. However I will consider them.

The Sun is in Taurus, the exaltation of the Moon, and the sign, triplicity and Terms of Venus - so that's a very positive position. The Sun (him) likes both your significators. The Moon is separating from a sextile to the Sun, so this might be someone that you have already met, possibly a friend (Sun is in the eleventh house of friends).

Venus (your other significator) is in Gemini, in the twelfth house (not a good placement) but it is in the triplicity of Saturn, so again this is a positive indication. Venus will soon apply to a trine with Saturn (indeed as Saturn is retrograde, the two planets will be mutually applying) As Saturn is in the sign of Venus, we have a mutual reception by rulership and triplicity.

The key thing is whether the two planets will perfect that trine before Saturn changes sign. Unfortunately Venus stations retrograde on 16 May, at 23 degrees 59 Gemini, On that day Saturn is at 24 degrees 02 Libra, The aspect is not perfected.

This suggests that you may meet someone and indeed everything is promised but their is something which delays or postpones the marriage, possibly indefinitely If the mutual reception was stronger - that is Venus was in Saturn's sign of Aquarius, I'd say that things may perfect anyway but with a weaker dignity I would not like to do that.

This is literally a frustrating reading, as the aspect is frustrated by Venus turning retrograde. Saturn and Venus offer great promise but the aspect is snatched away at the last minute. As this pair make a very significant difference all I can do is hope that things might still work out, though with some difficulties but please realise that things might well fall through.

If you are already in a promising relationship I would be more happy to be positive, if you are simply looking and hoping then things are more likely not to work out.

Sorry not to be more positive but to end on something of an optimistic note, the Sun (one of his significators) rules the two Lots of Marriage mentioned by Vettius Valens - so we do have further evidence of the possibility of marriage in this chart.
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