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Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
I like your post Aura Wolf .
Thanks I'm very much enjoying this thread and all the entertaining people in it.

All in all, I don't see what the fuss is about. There are plenty of books for beginners, and plenty for the advanced student. None of these is for everyone. This question really seems to be about the influx of information on the market, ie. Is there too much, or are we suffering from information overload? In a way, yes; it has been proven that having too many choices makes people less, not more, happy. It's harder for them to find what they want/need a lot of the time, not to mention the deliberation drives them crazy. On the other hand...if you really enjoy studying your tarot...the topics available (if you can find what you're looking for) ought to delight. But I think some love the notion of mastery more than the pursuit of knowledge. Those who love to study keep building complexity and dabble with different methods; those who love to master keep it simple and perform one method well.
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