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Yep .... thats it. Some people love to and CAN 'multi-task' quiet well - for those that cant they see the others as too complex. Some people can hold and access a LOAD of variant systems in 'their heads' and use them to form conclusions ... and can do that in a variety of fields at the same time.

Swedenborg is a good example that comes to mind:

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 – 1772) was fluent in 9 languages, wrote 150 works in 17 sciences, expert in 7 crafts, a musician, a Member of Parliament and a mining engineer. He came up with the first theory of nebular hypothesis, wrote extensive works on metallurgy, algebra and calculus, mapped several areas of the brain and ductless glands, suggested the particle structure of magnets, designed a glider and a submarine and engineered the world’s largest dry-dock. He then took on psychology and religion with extensive exploration into the ‘hypnogogic’ state. He led a successful and productive life and claimed daily intercourse with spirits. He appeared to have psychic powers, wrote 12 volumes on the psychological meanings hidden in Genesis and Exodus and (of course) was tried as a heretic and had his books banned in his native country - Sweden.
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