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Well, there are some 'tricks' ... finding out which way works best for you, what methods suit you best. I was never a good learner ... in the way they wanted me to learn .. I work totally different to that.

[ Also ... Swedenborg probably didnt spend a lot of time on the internet , watching TV, gaming, ]

At one stage I was required to learn about 15 columns of the 32 levels of correspondences [ ] . I knew I had no chance because I could hardly learn my multiplication tables at school. It was a nightmare I wasnt getting anywhere with it. But one of the columns related to Tarot , and since that was something I liked and I gelled with it (being a visual symbol system ... with CONCEPTS behind the numbers I could relate to) so I substituted tarot as the Key 1 and then I learnt it quiet easily .

The same applies (appropriate method) to physical things for me, like complex martial arts techniques ... hundreds and hundreds of moves are remembered by deconstructing them from about 30 basic patterns - roughly half empty hand and half with weapons. It can then be broken down into patterns of a certain group ... and with weapons, most have a shaft, learn the basics of that and the rest is embellishment ... sort of.

And all that isnt THAT impressive ... as the monkey and the seal can STILL beat me in the reactive-intelligence test !

And post # 63 .... what he said.
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