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Originally Posted by tarotbear View Post
I have no idea on how to perform a color calibration; this colorization is all new to me!
Unfortunately the color calibration in brand&model related, (the only possible hint is to search in the Support section of the brand); it's an interactive program you run on your computer to set color consistency of your monitor.

Then - just to stick to the thread's title - if what you print is still different from what you see on the monitor, you may have a problem with the printer...
So to speak: at the office we have 4 Laser ColorPrinter, one of them produce darker images then the other 3 (which are consistent), nobody seams to know why.

The last solution is to play with the filters of the printer driver (should be a tab of the print dialog-box, but I fear it's brand&model related, too) and try to compensate the distortion.
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