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A warm cast tends to please the eye in most cases. That's why a lot of magazines appear to have an added warm boost to the photos. Particularly on skin tones. NOT necessarily a good thing for graphics, however.

Since you are working in RGB there is always the chance that you may have some colors in a file that are not reproducible in ink, but while changing the color mode to CMYK will probably dull down the overall appearance of the file, an overall color cast is usually on printer's side. That is a problem that's well downstream from where you are operating.

ETA: MPC does boxes. You can order a solid or a window box for a dime per deck (the shrinkwrapped cards are shipped inside the box -- also shrinkwrapped). The basic boxes come in white, or you can do a custom box (solid) on a provided template. I didn't check on the price of those.
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