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Canada is international coming from the US.

From USPS site:

First-Class Mail International®
Affordable International Service

Our most affordable option for postcards, envelopes, and flats. Send anything up to 4 lbs (cannot exceed $400 in value) to more than 180 countries. From $1.15 at a Post Office.

The USPS website doesn't have a filter for assessing first class rates by weight. You have to go to the post office.

To mail a deck internationally you can open deck, flatten box and fan the cards in a ziplock bag to make it more or less flat for the envelope. I received a deck from Finland for $20.00 this way with no insurance or tracking. You can't track internationally in any case. It only tracks until it leaves the States or Finland respectively.

I shipped two decks to Australia first class and it was around $30 or so, I can't remember exactly. I put them in a light paper box that just fit the two of them perfectly and bound them with shipping tape.

I've shipped hundreds of small packages through the USPS (mostly books, using the ultra cheap media mail) and they've never lost anything.
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