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Originally Posted by Tarot dance View Post
...I have to agree....the last time I shipped to the UK the shipping cost, without insurance or tracking, was $24.50....I was shocked....I sent the deck anyway because I was already committed....

....Where as 6-8 months before that I mailed a deck to the UK & it cost $12.50...still expensive but doable....

....Now I consider that price of international shipping way too high for a deck...unless is a deck that either HTF or OOP &/or I can't live with out it....

....Instead of paying the much for shipping I would just order it and get it with the guaranteed 2 day delivery from Amazon Prime...

...BUT, here is my master plan....if someone grabs one of my decks that is still available & in print....instead of sending my deck to them & paying for international shipping....I plan to order the deck they wanted either thru Amazon UK or the Book Depository, pay for the deck on my end (I mean what are credit cards for anyway) & then have Amazon UK or the Book Depository ship ir directly to them..that should cut out the international shopping fees...Now, is this mast plan doable....don't know but plan to find our....
This is another option and one I considered when I sent a side trade to Canada last time around. It wound up being no different to send the deck I had with shipping costs vs. a new one from Book Depository, but it is a good option to research the cost and see if it makes a difference.

Book Depository is free shipping with no membership needed:


I'm happy the international crowd will be joining us! To not include them would be too Trumpian and it's not my thing. 😊


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