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Originally Posted by MaineGirl117 View Post
Oh, that's interesting! Especially with her little jewelry box sitting there next to her.

I hadn't given it much thought, but I had come across my Grandmother's angel pin a few weeks ago (it's just glass) and I've been setting it right next to my stones on my table where I read.

I was told some time back, that if the person passed away from an illness, and wore a piece of jewelry frequently, then you should cleanse it before wearing it yourself.

Just throwing that out there!

Blast from the Past... who knew.
In my case the card had the following meanings:

1) From the LWB quote, my perceptions of a situation were different than those of another. Who would I chose to believe? I see two perspectives in the card imagery, one side in the room, the other in the mirror.
2) It is better to make a choice than procrastinate and day-dream.

The card came up in a 3-card relationship reading in the 'dynamic' position, between myself and the other individual. I wrote a section on this card as follows:

"Which truth do you wish to heed? Yours or that of others? Do not idle in fantasy forever while your life slips away! Dreams and indecision offer limited pleasures."
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