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7 of cups - Ludy Lescot

Here are some suggestions I have come up with when reading

7 of cups

Bumping into an ex when you least expect it, while shopping.

Things look good from the outside, but not so in the inside.

When your on outsider looking in on a relationship, you see so much more, then when your the insider looking out, your right smack in the middle of the relationship you are blind to the truth of the matters. (abusive relationships)

Your wanting to live in denial, refusing to see the truth of the matter

Appearing to have it all while really having nothing
Putting on the false/fake appearance, while hiding a putrid truth (anorexia, other eating disorders)

Wanting to be better than the Jone's (materialism)
Wanting others to be jealous

Putting value in things that don't really matter

Seeing things for how they truly are

Pulling yourself up off the floor and do what is necessary

Choosing to face reality

Learning what is important and what is not

Desiring, wishing, and hoping that things were different than they currently are.

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