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Seven of Pentacles

I did a reading with this deck today, about a relationship.... I drew the Four of Swords, the Nine of Swords and the Seven of Pentacles. I read them intuitively as for me this deck works better that way, and this is what I got, in this spread today, for the Seven.

Seven of Pentacles... I see a woman sitting by the window and looking at her reflection in the glass. It is like half of her has already moved to the wildness outside and the other half is looking back into the room, wondering if she should just stay put. There are seven purple roses lying on the stool by her side, but they don't seem important, more forgotten. Her dress is coming off her shoulders and this to me signifies the inner wildness of her wanting to get out.

I think the roses are a ploy to try and keep her there, perfectly arranged a gift of love, yet a tool for control. The reflect nothing of her true desire. She has seen the way to freedom from the bondage she has been caught up in for so long.... the seed is sown.... maybe this is just a last look back on what she once thought was what she truly wanted more than anything.
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