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I found this extremely hard to do. I very nearly gave this one up and decided to just go forward, and then these few metaphors came to me and I was actually able to do the exercise. I haven't looked at Step 9 yet, but I'm hoping I will be more attuned to it.

Metaphors for the 5 Swords

Just walk away
Eat your heart out
Pay back time
Cry me a river
Reap what you sow

And he stood there, looking at the other two and growled at them, "Eat your heart out!"
If you wait long enough, pay back time always arrives.
Sometimes it is best to just walk away

The deep anger that these metaphors brought out of the card were a real surprise. I have always had dreams where I am being overwhelmed by circumstances. Years ago I realized that the way out of the dreams was to turn them around. I think this card is a stronger version of that. I think that at one time or another the central character of the card has been in the position of both of the other card characters. It is a warning to learn to win well as well as to learn to lose well.

I didn't chose this card because I had dealt it out. I chose it because it was NOT one of the ones that was turning up as a Daily Draw. I chose a negative card because I wanted to learn about a card that normally I wouldn't want to delve into too closely. So this doesn't seem to be about my life now, although it does resonate with my life decades ago.
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