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21 Ways - Step 8.2

Druidcraft ~ The Moon

8:2:1 - List as many metaphors and sayings as you can that relate to the moon.

barking at the moon
the call of the wild
a sleepless dream
being crabby
hungry like the wolf
restless as the tide
dark side of the moon
blue skies are going to clear up
the road less traveled

8:2:2 - Finish the following statements as many ways as you can:

"I am ______(insert metaphor)."

I am barking at the moon.
I am answering the call of the wild.
I am walking in a sleepless dream.
I am being crabby.
I am hungry like the wolf.
I am restless as the tides.
I am on the dark side of the moon.
I believe that the blue sky is going to clear up.
I will walk the road less traveled.
I am a lunatic.

"The situation feels like _________(describe an emotion/sensation implied by the metaphor)."

The situation makes me feel like i am going about things the wrong way.
The situation makes me feel like no one hears my call.
The situation makes me feel like I will never wake up.
The situation feels clammed up.
The situation makes me feel like I am also hungry for more.
The situation makes me feels like I won't stay put for long.
The situation makes me feel as if I am in a place no one understands.
The situation makes me feel that things can get better.
The situation feels like I need to venture into the unknown.
The situation feels like I am a lunatic.

8:2:3 - What do these metaphors suggest about your own situation?

Wow that is powerful. Some of those sentences hit close to home. I do have these sort of feelings! I am shocked that the metaphors worked.
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