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Originally Posted by EmpyreanKnight View Post
I just listened to the very first podcast on The Fool and this is legit! Wow, good job suppersong and Babalon Jones!

No kidding, to the other guys here just try the first podcast at least and see if it's to your taste. It has very few fillers so that what you'll get is straight up Tarot goodness. In 50-odd minutes, you shall be learning a lot especially if you wish to delve into the Kabbalistic aspects of the Tarot. I already have the Magician and High Priestess podcasts, and I can't wait for H.M. The Empress.
Thank you! We are glad you liked it so far; we are having fun with them. I think you will really like this week's episode on Her Royal Highness, the Empress, just out today, where we explore some things that maybe one would not expect.

And congrats to the winner of our first giveaway from the Priestess episode! I hope he reads here as we have not been able to reach him by email. I won't out him but his name starts with O and he is from the UK. If that sounds like you, a package will be on its way to you in the next couple of days with three double matted 8x10 prints of the Tabula Mundi Fool, Magus, and Priestess, and a brocade zipper tarot case. We hope they make you smile!

In honor of the Empress, our lady of beauty and all things Venusian, this week's give away is for Susie's "Breath of Venus" esoterically formulated Chypre perfume for Libra, one of the two signs ruled by the planet Venus.
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