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The geomantic characters are binary, so they are binary tetragrams (a four line structure rather than the six line structures found in the I Ching)

Edit: that is why we were excited about them - there are exactly 16 binary tetragrams and exactly 16 Western geomantic characters. Amazing to think there might have been an understanding of binary code in the West back then.

I havn't looked at the telesmatic emblems in a long time but I remember reviewing the different styles over his shoulder.

You'll need to understand The Proximity Principal to get how they all fall out.

As for The Tower, some decisions were aesthetic, but it has a lot of Water in the attributions and the blue tower looked good with the lightning. The fire is still there but it's blue flame, like the lightning. It was colored red, yellow and orange originally in the top part and we both mutually agreed to change it. The 26 rays are still yellow. Nobody can outdo Harris on her version so there was no point in trying to bother to hold to anything but the data from the hexagrams, pentagrammal structure and overall archetypes chosen by Crowley such as Hell's wyrm in both the above and the below and the 26.

The fire from Aries the Ram which is a fire sign is there, it's just blue.

Stars burn at different color frequences from red to yellow to blue to white, blue and white being a hotter fire than red and yellow.

Seems like everytime you dig something up I end up spending The Abrahadabra Institute's money on the internet Barleywine (haindl tarot)
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