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Soar high mithros (m1thr0s 729)

Yes, also looking forward to them re-opening the store when his funeral and headstone are taken care of. The MA deck is on my purchase plan for 2017 also.

So very sorry for your loss Naomi. I found this clip fm deviant art, hope it's ok to post here as a small tribute...

Pythagoras's Revenge by m1thr0s
Digital Art / Vector / Abstractę2012-2017 m1thr0s
so...most of my work is about a *knowledge and conversation* that I find myself wanting to share with others in whatever modest way I can...the underpinning content is almost always vastly superior to my limited rendering skills. The number 729 was a huge theme with Pythagoras, called the Number of the Sun, Number of the Republic and assorted other things. There exists in ancient China a system of hexagrams similar to the I Ching but with a 3rd force tossed into the mix which yields exactly 729 ( or 9│) hexagrams. The significance of this goes far beyond what I can adequately express here but amounts to a *hidden code* of life itself. It's on the rise of late and promises to stun the living crap out of modern science when it hits! :-)


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