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First impressions!

I was drawn to this deck by the wonderful colours. I'm a softy for digital art (when done well) and this is definitely beautiful. I love the mix of machines and fantasy, and the atmosphere I get is that of something dreamy yet palpable, you could relate to it and be absorbed into a completely new world.

So, I'm a bit of a dreamer, I can let my imagination run away with me a bit, and the Gilded seemed like the right deck to aid me do that, to gain inspiration from those images. I'm a bit of a writer sometimes and writer's block can be hellish, but you could make a near-infinite amount of stories from the characters in the Gilded. The way that some of the characters seem to stare out at you, forget the Mona Lisa following you around the room, it's their expressions. They are only pictures on a card, but they evoke so much more than that.
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