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Originally Posted by Nemia View Post
I bought a deck, from a Spanish seller on Ebay, and I'm again happy to live in this interconnected world where it's possible. (I also bought a magyar kartyar deck.)
I am intruiged by the barajas espagnolas, and I'd very much like to join the fun. I also have far too many decks and only recently I've joined the TOADies.
Does the "Don Quixote" from Lo Scarabeo's Playing Card collection count as spanish deck? These come with 48 cards, the 10 of each suit shows a female, not 10 symbols.

I also checked the magyar kartyar, they look like the german/bavarian Schafkopf. Only yesterday, I got me a copy of them. It's the tiniest version of a game I've ever owned. Only as large as a thumb.
I have thought about learning them, too but never came around doing so.
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