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Kabbalah and Thoth tarot 10 of cups

Hi everyone

I opened a tread in the Thoth forum but sadly didnít got any answer so I tray it here as well.

I just started with Kabbalah so my knowledge is very limited.
The question is more to understand the picture of the card and to see if I have a good start to understand a bit of Kabbalah.

Post one

Hi everyone

I wont to ask a question about the middel ( tree of live) pillar called the Pillar of Equilibrium.

When I look at the 10 of cups in the Crowley tarot deck I see that Kether is sending his energy to every sefirot but only the sefirots of the middle pillar shine as well. The others from the female and male side just take the energy of Kether.

For me the meaning of the card is that we obtain something and that we see that we are with it nor satisfied. How can I combine this meaning with the picture of the shining sefriots. I also see the card as false emotions.

The first idea which I had was that the person went the quick way, ďthe middle pillarĒ and made out of this fast way a wrong decision because he didnít include the wisdom of the other pillars.

I would appreciate any help to understand more the picture of the card..


Post two

I thought a bit about the problem and I have an idea why it is like that.
As I'm far beyond being a expert in kaballah this can be nonsense.

The Middel Pillar consests out of the sephira Kether (Crown), Tiphareth (Beauty), Yesod (Foundation) and Malkuth (Kingdom).

When we take a look at the picture only the middle pillar is activated and interact with each other. The other two pillars stay inactive.

In the middle there is Tiphareth but what is wisdom without beauty and beauty without wisdom becomes empty and shallow.

The foundation with no superstruction is meaningless as well as a superstruction with no foundation wont convince anyone.

What I wonít to say that in this card is shown that we are attracted by a beauty without any sole and got the gift without any work. This leads to the feeling that the gift is meaningless to us and that when achieved we donít wont it any more

Dose this interpretation of the picture make any sense?
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