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My niece is nearly 5, and I swear she has more fun with this deck than I do! And really, watching her interact with the images is such an amazing experience! She doesn't understand most of the more complex emotions, but her responses to her are eerily appropriate.

She loves to sit at my tarot table (because it makes her feel special) in my lap and go through the cards one at a time and tell me how they make her feel. The Blindness card is always one that she floors me with...she talks about how her eyes are drawn to the center of the flower and it's hard to move them away.

And she loves the Journey card, because she says it makes her feel like a mermaid swimming through the ocean. If you really look at the card and try to think like a small child, it DOES look like a mermaid tail and some water or waves.

It's amazing just how intuitive and sensitive little kids can be. She used to want to look through my tarot decks all the time, but now she wants to play with the "Dream Color" deck, as she calls it.
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