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Well, I hardly ever read the LWB.
I made notes of each card and go by that.
For the Fey I hardly ever use it.
This is the deck my intuition is the most comforteble with.
I do most of my selfreading spreads with this deck.
One friend of mine always wants me to read for her with this one because of the artwork (Thank you Mara Aghem).

I even made a spread by one card.
The spread is based on the 9 of swords.

I call it "The way out/ improvement"

The cards:


1. The issue/ What the reading is about/ What is bothering you.

2. Feelings/ Where you feel or stand in this situation/ Sometimes: what's in your sleave

3. Advise/ The way out/ improvement/ The way in wich you can get out of a situation you don't like./ Possible sollusion to the problem.

The cards one and three sould be a movement up or a message to make the situation clearer.

Take care, love and happyness

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