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Having opened the topic, I thought it fair to begin the postings in the hopes that everyone will eventually jump --or chime-- in.

From the Bias Poll as of this posting, I see that Capricorn is doing an exceptional job of ticking folks here off with an outstanding 10.12% of the vote.

But then... That's what Capricorns do best, right? An exceptional job. Next to the word "ambitious" in the dictionary, is a black and white photo of stoic Capricorn. Of course, they're only 12 years old in the photo... because if you flip forward a few pages to "outrageous" in the dictionary, you'll find... Well, aside from that photo of Capricorn Howard Stern, oh, and of course, Elvis, a full Technicolor photo of zany, 45 year old Capricorn. Cheers to the Sign of Reversed Aging! LOL...

(Actually, that's not bad at all, considering that's all I can come up with to gripe about, LOL... for now. )

You won't see a 15 year old Capricorn chillin' with an Aries of any age (unless said Aries happens to have Capricorn on the payroll)... But bring that Cappie into Middle Age, and you have a party on your hands... Not only a party, but a party with Contacts! Who cares if the tab of said party is being carefully monitored, and that the guests of said party will receive their itemized invoices in Monday's mail. We're hanging out with the A-Listers, because after all, if they're not A-Listers, they wouldn't be on Cappie's PDA! LOL. Whoo hoo!

<throws confetti and takes a slug of Kristal (at $25.00 a slug)>
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