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EW! Michael Jackson's a VIRGO?!?!?!

...only to prove my point more that this is truly the most confusing sign of the zodiac...

Then again, there are the Librans like me, always back and forth and back and forth...or Geminians, always changing the subject. I swear they also possess powers of teleportation. I was talking to one in my biology class today (new student, but he's only temporary--he's moving again next week, go figure) and we were having pleasant conversation. Then I blinked, and he was gone! I looked around the room for a second to see where he was, then looked back to his chair and he had just gotten back from the bathroom, which is almost the whole way across the school.

Then again, Aquarius can be pretty weird at times...just so...random. Or the Cancerians, with their unpredictable moods...there are a few who can be quite belligerent. But of course I won't tell them that, it'll only hurt their feelings...

But Leo's absolutely perfect. Oh, most definitely. (Shhhh...)
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