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Fairytale Tarot - three of swords

Initially i posted this in another thread on 3oS
but i guess i should strat a new one so Moonbow or Sulis can add it to the index

I am working with Karen Mahony's Fairytale Tarot (i know everyone is into her new deck now, but i obviously have an issue with timing ), and i had new thoghts on three of swords.
The story that goes with the card is The Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde, one of those stories that breaks your heart...
The student in the story says at the end "What a silly thing love is - it's not half as useful as logic", he trows to the street the red rose the bird died for, pulls out a dusty book and begans to read...
Well, in this way or another, it happened to all of us at some point of time, hasn't it? As i drew this card today as my daily drowing i contemplated over it for a while...
You know me, i tend to percieve everything as an aspect of my own self, so i came to the conclusion that the bird would be the romantic, emotional and irrational me that doesn't end well, at least today...
The studend would be the rational and practical me who does pull the books and "escapes" from the emotional pain to the intellectual rationalisation.
Hope this makes sense

I must say it was quite paranoid experience for me - to drow the 3oS as a daily card Whoever called me yesterday or whomever i met - i was like (with suspicious looks) "aha, so you could be the one that will betray me/break my heart!"
In a way i felt "relieved" when it turned out to be just another the-War-of-Rouses-like fight with my dearest&nearest
Honestly, i was drained from work and as some of you know i am anyway quite shaken lately - so the yesterday's experience more felt to me like Tower than 3oS...
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