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I find this 3 of Swords to be enchanting.

I love that The Nightingale is literally willing to endure torture and death for a single, red rose, for just the IDEAL of love, to help this young man who cannot understand or interact with the sweet little bird. Of course, the bird's sacrifice is useless---The girl doesn't want a rose after all, and the boy, easily returning to his books, doesn't even seem to want the girl that badly. But the bird wanted the rose rather badly, bled for it, and died for it.

Personally, moderndayruth, I don't read the story as the boy "hiding" in logic so much as never being that in love with the girl in the first place. I think he was infatuated with her, found her beautiful, wanted to dance with her, and then was annoyed at being rejected. Not heartbroken. So, there's not much to hide. Of course, it's up to interpretation, but that's just what I get.

I think it's definitely a card of suffering and sorrow, as the 3 of Swords always is, but I think it also speaks to: "Why exactly are you going through so much pain? What's the point?" It urges the querent to move along, get through this, and stop killing themselves for some 'idea' about love. Both the boy and the bird get stuck on an idea---the bird dies for her idea of love. And why? To what end? It's wasted in the end.
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