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Originally Posted by closrapexa View Post
There is another possibility, that the image itself sucks. There are several such cards in the RWS that I feel either don't do the attributions justice or are simply wrong. We shouldn't take Waite's authority as the final word, especially when producing images such as these opens you to the possibility of making mistakes.
I once read this website about Stanley Kubrick and The Shining (it was essentially just many, many articles pasted together into a website). It analyzed nearly every scene in the movie and pretty much every thing in every scene to come to specific conclusions about Stanley Kubrick's intent when filming The Shining. It is all very convincing when taken together but it forgets the important fact that Kubrick is a human and not a god, and not every single decision he makes is working towards a specific goal. If you're trying to convince me of something you must first prove that the evidence you're gathering is falsifiable and therefore actually provable, and this didn't pass that basic test. Reading mounds and mounds of meaning into every single detail (no matter how odd) of every single RWS card reminds me of that website because it similarly seems to assume that the cards were created by gods and not men, and it also fails the 'falsifiablity test'.

Here's that website, if you're interested
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