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Legends: 2 of Cups: Tristram & Isolt

I just realised that the boat in this card has a similar dragon to the 6 of Swords, but this dragon, instead of looking up and seeking, is looking ahead, it's ears up, somewhat content.

The tale of Tristam and Isolt is rather tragic, but contains the realities of trials and tribulations of relationships. The picture on the card evokes the emotional "happily ever after" initial response, but on reflection of the story, the meaning is far deeper than romantic fairy-tale endings. It's a bit more like Romeo and Juliet in it's despair, re-uniting the couple in death.

Being drawn to someone is the easy part, developing trust is harder, and maintaining the balance and harmony, even more difficult, and yet as I look on Tristam and Isolt's embrace, I feel that the depth of emotion keeps them in each others memories, even when they are apart.
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