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Originally Posted by WalesWoman
This is the most romantic 2 of Cups I've ever seen I think, or is it poignant? Definately a card that makes an emotinal impact just to look at it. Union and conflict, the give and take too after reading the story of Tristram & Isolt...that whole bittersweet sorrow and joy that comes with loving someone, even if it doesn't end in tragedy or separation.
There is also a fragility and innocence about them, Tristram's naked and confident embrace, Isolt's trusting response. They are vulnerable to the emotional seas about them, perhaps occasionally drenched in a high spray. They know what they face when they land in Cornwall, yet they hold onto the moment as securely as to each other, trusting somehow that the strength of their love will carry them through their trials, for it is all that matters, all that will remain to them.

Originally Posted by WalesWoman
Even when you love someone and live with them, there is still a separation of individuality, separate lives, separate goals, separate values and identities. No matter how much you may see eye to eye on most things, there is always something that seems to come between you, that sometimes the only place you can really meet and be together is in the realm of emotion and being carried away on it. It's there you can leave everything else behind and just be.
The separation that remains, even of lovers living together, is healing and healthy, the dynamic which promises further growth, the painful process of healing the soul's gaping wound for which only the loving partner has the remedy. Each sees in the other their own weaknesses, each recognizes the challenges in relating effectively to the other which also lie within. In learning to deal with their external conflicts in the context of love and trust, there is hope of each one resolving conflict's essence, the dynamic tension which drives the soul towards greater wholeness.

Originally Posted by WalesWoman
If it was a perfect world anyway...and even in an imperfect world, it is the one place where you can escape for a short time the cares and worries, the responsibilities and differences and discover what floats your boat and possibly just how sound a vessel it is.
So their passion is like an oasis, a safe haven of joyful renewal which restores their faith in both the self and the other, filling their future with hope no matter what the cost.
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