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My current partner and I have been having a long distance relationship for a fair while (about 3 years on and off) only recently has the distance become less, but when ever he goes home or I go home after spending weeks and weekends together I get this 2 of cups. The amount of hugs and embraces, clinging on to eachother on train stations and before he runs off in the car. We are always in each other's thoughts (well, hopefully!). I'm not saying we are Tristram and Isolt incarnate, but it feels like that sometimes.
I love what you have all said about this card, but i can definately equate to it, the 'everything will be alright when i get a hug from him' seems to fall in here, because to Isolt feels that with their love and being together things will be alright.
The idea of the fitting pieces of yin and yang spring to mind. Without each other they can just function (for they will always carry a little of eachother in everything they do) but to be at peak performance is when they are together.

Aw its too romantic, too heart felt, too true for the 2 of cups I think I am going to cry lol.

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