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Originally posted by Sophie-David
Tristram's golden cloak sweeping gloriously about his beloved, encompassing her in his magnificent passion. Tristram's upper body is suggestively naked as he clutches Isolt to his chest, heading east into the rising sun, the dragon ship echoing their erotic longings as it plunges into the foam. Isolt wears the white purity of a gown of love's initiation, her gold trimmings echoing the passion of Tristram's flowing cloak.
That is so beautifully said David - I love the way you have described the cloak enfolding Isolt, it makes the moment very intimate. I wondered if the fact that Tristram's chest is naked, might suggest that his heart or feelings are exposed.

Originally posted by inanna_tarot
The idea of the fitting pieces of yin and yang spring to mind. Without each other they can just function (for they will always carry a little of eachother in everything they do) but to be at peak performance is when they are together.
I love the idea of yin and yang Sezo! althought they are oposites, they fit perfectly together, and one without the other is just a shape without any meaning. Together they are perfectly balanced, perfectly moulded to each other, and where the one shape retracts, the other fills in, as if making up for what the other lacks. With the yin/yang idea, there's also a feeling of compromise, where the yang protrudes, the yin is inverted and vice-versa.

Originally posted by WalesWoman
This is the most romantic 2 of Cups I've ever seen I think, or is it poignant? Definately a card that makes an emotinal impact just to look at it.
I agree whole-heartedly I also think it is the most romantic 2 of Cups. Where others stare into each others eyes, or toast to an agreement, yet remain two separate entities, Tristram and Isolt drink from one bowl and take it one step further in embracing each other - yielding to each other. It seems, as is often the case, that they did not mean for love to happen, at least not between the two of them. It's a pleasant surprise when it does. Masks and logic have been dropped in favour of submitting to emotion and allowing themselves to love and be loved, denouncing anything that may separate them.

Isolt holds the bowl that contained the potion - I think this indicates holding onto what brings two people together in the first place, the commonality, what was shared.
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