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I just had an idea of what was in that potion, that ???? that makes us fall in love...chemistry. Have you ever tried to explain why you fell in love with isn't about what they looked like, or how they act or any of that, those things seem to come later.

It's the combination of pheromones and something in our chemical balances that make one person appeal to us or not, for no explainable reason. We can choose who not to love, but who we love isn't that easy to explain. We can come to love someone, based on knowledge, respect and affection, but that "spark", that butterfly feeling that makes you nuts just thinking about that person isn't something we can force or control, it just is.

It's a brain thing, and the yin-yang comes into this as well. The chemical receptors in our brains, that makes one person connect while another may not. I've often thought of it as a puzzle, that until everything fits, it just isn't going to give you the whole, it won't make the picture. So we spend our lives looking for that other puzzle part to make us whole.
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