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Originally Posted by headincloud View Post
Seems to me as the tarot is a complete system, that's to say 78 cards with innumerable fixed interpretations for each card at play with the dynamics in the rest of the spread gives us billions of possible interpretations all within the traditional prescription, makes me dizzy without changing up the meanings or doubling up with interpretations of my own. There is a reason why these energies and meanings are grouped as they are, if you add your own interpretations the chances are they won't be in line with the energy of the card. I wonder if someone who doesn't apply rote meanings and just reads the images is actually practising the art of tarot at all, why not read the pages in a magazine or tea leaves?
This sounds like an awfully purist mentality. By this line of reasoning, that means that there'd be no point in there being varying kinds of tarot decks, and that any deck that at all strays from the traditional RWS meanings is likely an invalid tool to use.

So I guess my question here is - Do you only use one deck? Do you look down on people who have multiple decks that have meanings that stray from the traditional ones since they may not 100% adhere to the full traditional meanings of each card?
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