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21 Ways - Step Four: Ten of Coins (Golden Tarot)

1) Once upon a time, there was a little princess called Inara. Inara lived in a beautiful white castle, near the ocean. It was truly a sight to behold. Inara loved it there. During the day she would wander the shores and when she came back, a delicious meal with her beloved family and friends awaited her, and she had all kinds of wonderful stories to tell. The birds loved to listen to these stories as well and when returning to their nests in the evening, would pass them along to other birds that they met on the way, and those birds in their turn would pass on the stories, and so on and so on. So in no time, Inara's wonderful stories got spread throughout the world and brought happiness, laughter and hope to the hearts of millions of people.
Although the world lay at her feet and invited her to come over, she prefered to stay in her castle near the ocean, with her loved ones, because that was where she felt happiest. There she lived happily ever after, wandering the shore, lazying about, having fun and make up stories.

2) Hi, my name is Inara. I live in a wonderful white castle near the ocean. I love to wander the shores, collect shells, swim, observe sea creatures, being on my own and just be. When I come home, a superbly prepared meal awaits me, full of fresh and delicious goods... I love to spend time with my family and friends, do fun things with them or just hang out, and tell them stories, that are greatly inspired by my adventures during my explorations. The birds love them as well, and spread them along the world. I'm happy to hear that my stories inspire all different kinds of people around the world, bringing them hope and especially a lot of fun and laughter (hey, and tears every once in a while...). I get a lot of invitations for this or that, but usually skip them, since I love my quiet life too much and wouldn't trade it for any place in the world.

3) There's a lot of connections with my real life: I love to relax and make up stories (I'm a children's book writer), the walls of my home are white, and most of all, I love the ocean.
The story reflects, what I'm truly wishing for and what I personally consider to be a succesful life. Not for others, but for mé. That means living near the ocean, living outside, wandering about and relaxing, making up stories, having family and friends living near me and spending delightful time with them, enjoy all organic, fresh and delicious meals all the time (even eating straight from the land - attended by farmers who dedicate their lives to sustainable agriculture), having people from all over the world deeply enjoying my stories. I'm not there yet, but well on my way, and that fairytale picture is well worth to keep in my mind and work towards.
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