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21 Ways - Step Four

Druidcraft ~ The Moon

1.) Darvadyn snickered as he made his way to the beach and rocky cliffs. "We have held the humans off for now, but everyday they grow stronger. Soon they will over power us and drive us from our lands." Bekoon nodded scratching his neck. "Parasites like those don't give up easily! Besides we have won the battle tonight!" Darvadyn jumped around playful and excited. "Yes this is wolven territory! We are the keepers of the forest!" Bekoon wagged his tail still invigorated from the battle. "Let us howl and raise our voices in this dark night! We well show those mortal fools that WE WILL PREVAIL! If only in their nightmares! They will fear us brother!" he roared. Then letting back their heads the haunting voices carried over the land filling it with confusion and delusion.

The small crab kept an eye on the situation. Whispering to himself he spoke, I will need to warn Gaia of this chaos. The guardians seek to keep the humans out because of the carelessness and destruction yet they go crazy with their own power and are corrupt as well. If only they could see their reflections in this water. The noise and cold gave him a chill as he slipped back into the safety of the sea.

2.) Full of energy from the battle I let out my victorious cry into the night. I call to my brothers and sisters to join me. To revival in the moment! I feel the adrenaline inside my veins and I tremble with pleasure. I feel feral, fierce and free! Sing kin sing!

3.) This reminds me of running away, that first night of breaking free from society and regulations. Being alone out in the woods with my friends laughing and celebrating our escape. Not thinking about the consequences of what I had done. Not caring who I had hurt. Too self absorbed and unwise to the world.
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