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Tarot of Prague -- The Hermit

1. Once upon a time, outside the city of Prague, there lived an old man in a little house in the woods. He lived with this good wife, whom he had married many years ago when they were both young. They were very happy on their little farm and lived for many years together. But one day the wife became very ill and took to her bed and before the week was over she had died. The man, who was by now quite old, was, naturally, very sad. After another week had passed, he decided that he had to leave his little house because now it only brought him sadness. He didn't know what to do though. He had never been very far from home, he had never been alone. But he took up his walking stick, put on his cloak and set off down the road. He walked all day, carrying his grief with him like a suitcase. Night began to fall, and the road was getting very dark, when he heard someone whisper "Over here!" He looked to where the voice was coming from and there he saw the strangest thing he had ever seen. It was an hourglass that glowed with a warm yellow light. "Take it. Its magic light will guide you on your way," said the same voice. The man stood there for a moment, looking for the person who had spoken, but he couldn't see anyone. So he picked up the lantern and saw a tiny bit of light flow into the bottom of the glass.

2. I am now an old man, but it wasn't always so, of course. A long time ago, when I was young, I married a beautiful girl, and we lived in a little house outside the city. But after living together happily for many years, my wife became ill and soon died. I could hardly stand the pain of losing her. I soon realized that I would find it unbearable to stay alone in the house where I had once been so happy. I knew I'd have to leave, even though I had hardly ever been away from home at all. One day I put on my cloak and took up my walking stick and set off down the road. I walked all day as sad as could be, wondering if I would ever be able to find any happiness again. It grew dark. I didn't want to stop walking, but soon I would be unable to see anything. I was wondering what to do when I hard someone whisper, "Over here!" I followed the sound, and to my amazement I saw by the side of the road a lantern in the shape of an hourglass. The top half was filled with a glowing yellow light. The voice, to which I could see no body attached, urged me to take it. As soon as I picked it up, I noticed a tiny bit of the light fall from the top into the bottom of the glass.

3. There have been times in my life, when relationships have ended and I have been devastated, when I have felt like I have had to leave where I am. Sometimes I have left physically, sometimes I have just tried to leave the situation by doing something new, taking a new direction, as it were. Even with taking up Tarot, I feel like I am going down a new road in an effort to find something I haven't found before. Maybe Tarot is my magic lantern.
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