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For both Easternsunrise and Prism

Two different cards and decks, two different stories --- yet a common thread in each. The woman in the tower passed a lot of time asleep, and now while she is awake, but both phases involve being alone because of another. The older man had a long time in his life with his wife, now he is also alone but with a puzzle to accompany him -- he is on a journey which seems to be marked or measured by the hourglass, implying a limited time for his wanderings. Neither have an idea of what is in their future but one seems to have no way of determining that future while the other has a means of discovering something, perhaps.

As we go through these exercises we find ourselves increasingly "extending" the card, stretching to discover more. Both of you have provide nice "pictures" for us to "see". I have purposely not attempted to review those cards themselves but to stick with your word paintings. Nicely done. Be assured that we all enjoy and learn from your explorations. Talk later, Dave
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