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Originally Posted by Wheel of Fantastic View Post
O.K., I've just looked at the box of my Premium edition and can't see any ISBN number.

Doing a little more research I went to - the domestic website - and navigated my way to their tarot catalogue. Tarotworld is their international site and there they only sell different language versions of their 'standard' deck with the rosicrucian backs. An educated guess would be the Premium decks were only made for the German market.

It appears the Premium edition comes in mini, standard and pocket sizes; the boxes all have varying amounts of orange depending on the deck size; they all say 'Tarot von A.E. Waite' on the front; and they only come in German. Basically, anything else is not the deck you're looking for.

If you don't want a pocket one, go for one with a white top (just make sure it's not a mini!).

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