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Originally Posted by Celice View Post
Just got the regular poker sized version of this deck and I'm disappointed. The card stock feels a bit thin but it is ok. The seller shipped in a large box without padding or taping the deck box closed so it arrived with the deck box open and cards loose everywhere. But what's really disappointing is that after looking at the cards closer I realized the image proportions look a bit funny so I compared it to my PCS commemorative tarot in a tin and see that they didn't adjust the images or add wider borders to accommodate for poker sized cards being wider than standard tarot cards when sized down so basically all the images are stretched too wide. I would recommend passing on this deck
Sorry to hear about your package delivery.

Yeah, I just compared my poker version to my Albano-Waite, and you're right about the image proportions being stretched. From looking at Darytessekhmet's images of the standard sized version, those proportions look normal, but correct me if I'm wrong.

If I were to guess, I think the image proportion might be an issue with the giant sized deck, too. :/

I think the seller/company ought to make some changes...
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