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I don't have an answer and I'm waiting for one too, but I often think the same thoughts.

WHY? Its not very watery is it?

Someone here... (Tink?) said once that Scorpions evolved from water . But so did a lot of other things.

I'll just put it down to another wierdness in Astrology (which is why I have my own southern local based astrology) I also use Austrailan Aboriginal star lore as well.

Chuck out the Scorpion and replace him with a sting ray. He can fly through the water and a bit through the air (over wave troughs) like the eagle, a 'higher' totemic aspect of Scorpio. He lives in the water. he has a sting on his tail. He lives down in the mud and slime but can raise himself to the heights.

problem is its a bit hard to say ; " I am a Sting-rayio."

As far as the Isis question goes ... I'll have to go and recheck the Dendra Zodiac.
[I vaguley remember something about it not being a scorpion but a water beetle]
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