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The water element connotes emotion and intuition. The fixed quality denotes intense concentration and magnetism. The fixed-water compound particularly to Scorpio is likened to ice or other such crystals as salt or precious or semiprecious stones. Scorpio wants to crystallize aspects of experience that remain mysterious or concealed into a solid understanding.

Many a times I have come across people wondering why Scorpio is a water sign? Considering it's ruled by two very fiery planets (Mars and Pluto), and considering it's very volatile and incredibly sexual (fiery qualities).

Well, you see Scorpio is one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac, hell, it even rules "Mystery". However, before some of the Scorpio's here in AT begin to sharpen their stinger and aim it at me, let me just say that I love you all (majority of the men I have crushes on are Scorpios), and please don't sting me. But the reason Scorpio puts on this entire front of being uber powerful and uber sexual and all things fiery, it's only because it's a deeply emotionally insecure paranoid delinquent that's even suspiscious of it's own mother when she says to it and it's sibling, "I love you both equally".

Sure, Jealousy is fiery, and Scorpio infamous for it, as is his Martian cousin Aries. The thing is, Aries' jealousy is like old faithful (the geyser), once erupted, it blows off a lot of steam, but then, everything is back to being all hunky dory. Scorpio jealousy is emotionally stemmed again out of insecurity (and you thought Cancerians were insecure...puh-leaze). To such an extreme that if their spouses say something like, "Oh don't worry about me, I'll find ways to keep myself busy while you've gone for the conference", They actually can skip the conference and go undercover in the bushes of the house, spying through the windows, watching their spouse 24/7, only to realize that the only thing she's cheated on him with was a vibrator.. and a box of Ferrero Rocher.

And don't get me started on the moral double standards. It's like the cliche mafia situation. The Scorpio is like the powerful mafioso, who has a wife and 2 and a half kids in the suburbs, a classy exotic dancer, a waitress, and a waif like school teacher in different parts of the city, and the moment the wife even smiles innocently at the UPS guy who's legs look yum in those shorts, he puts a hit on them.

I know I've over exaggerated some parts, but it was done solely in effect to show why it's watery and not fiery in nature. To the Scorpio's reading this, please remember, I think you people are really sexy and I do love you guys! Honest!

Love and Blessings

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