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Thanks Papageno, I'm glad you found my ramblings helpful.
Originally Posted by Sulis
Nines are that pause before we reach ten and begin again. They are times of assessment and also of planning and it's that, as well as the aloneness that makes me think of The Hermit.
I love how you do this... tie in the numbers, I always overlook that as I don't know enough about it. But what you say always inspires me to go off on tangents in thought. And here I go again... Perhaps it is nothing but this thought occurred to me.

The pause... as a kind of recharge perhaps? I have found that there are mainly two types of ways that people recharge, one in the company of others, the other alone... not lonely, but alone and enjoying being alone and gaining strength and energy from that. Falling into the latter category myself, I can relate to the 9 of pentacles in this way.
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