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Knight of Swords - Mythic Tarot

I'm really excited about my new Mythic Tarot deck as the images really inspire me to give 'psychic' as well as the meaning of the card interpretations. ( My old English never did this.)
I've just ordered the Mythic Tarot workbook off Amazon and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival.
I have a question though over the Knight of swords who slightly puzzles me.
There are two Knights on the horses back - at first I thought it was eyes going funny but after a few seconds realized they weren't. I interpreted this as a man who had two sides to his character, a person who could change at will. Not the nice/nasty ( in most cases anyway) but someone who could be slightly devious, not always tell the truth etc to get his own way.
How do others see this character as the image rather puzzled me - which is the real knight in shining armour going forward with his sword? Which is the defender, the hero?
Is he the type of guy who in a relationship could have two women ( the serial adulterer) or the type who has two lives ( the one his friends see and the one his family sees.) Possibly say an older man who wants to keep his youth?
So many questions on this card.
Your responses would be most welcome as I'm doing so many readings for friends and workmates at the minute and this guy has me puzzled.
I know with each reading I give I see him slightly differently but really need some advice.
Love and light.
Pinkpurple xx
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