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What the Fey say

With all my recient new decks, I have had the Fey on the shelf for a bit.....missing them, I got them out to play with them. I did not really have much on my mind so I thought I would pull some for a Q that was not to important, but the way I would read them would be in a sentence or two.....coming from the Fey & company on the cards. What ended up happening was the things the Fey said translated to 'words of wisdom' for the positions in quite an amusing way. After that experience I went through the Majors and eavesdropped on the thier conversations. I wondered if they would say something different in another reading or if the previous words would be formost in my mind. I did another reading the same way- 2 of the same cards came up, but the Fey had something new to say. The few words said expressed amusing but right on answers, and if not answers, I was asked a question to reflect upon.
and at the moment- the Fey say this.....
Knight of Wands- "WOOHOOW......The view from here is wonderously amazing!"....{bird} "you just wait......there's more to come"
5 of Swords- "May the wind take my troubles away"
King of Pentacles- "Do you really think that is a good idea? Perhaps you would like to re-think that proposal....cuz I know I'm way more prepared than you are"
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