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Hi there BF,

Yes I can see the slavery/oppression thing in this card too. I don't know why that is. Perhaps its the mask. Not being yourself, putting on a front or an act, to hide what is really being felt.

The thing that strikes me with this card is the stiffness. Normally we see a figure struggling with the weight of his burdens, and he often appears hunched over. However, this card shows the burden differently. The puppet is made of wood, which is strong and durable but also unbending. Movement is only effected if the string is pulled. His left hand is white and appears to beckon us, almost willing us to help and take some of the wands from him.

The wands are tied with string, symbolising the restriction. It makes me want to just pull that loose end and let the lot drop to the floor! He seems to be on a solitary journey and the effort, struggle and determination is evident on his face. That said, we can see what he has to gain from persevering. All those beautifully carved and colourful wands.

I wonder if there could also be a touch of martyrdom here. A sort of 'I can do it on my own, I don't need you' type of attitude.

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