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Question Queen of Cups as relationship potential?

Hi everyone,

I have been doing love readings for a gf who is unsure about a new potential mate. In all of my readings the outcome has not been clear at all..for me anyway. The last reading I did for the potential future of their relationship she got the Queen of Cups. I see the QOCs as someone who is nurturing, motherly, and loving. She also can be too sensitive, unrealistic, and moody, etc. I have also seen on other spreads that she can mean someone who has gotten their emotions organized but are waiting (since in the Gilded Tarot she is looking out to the world off a balcony) almost waiting for love to come...

To give some more info this relationship showed many many blocks. She is unsure about what to feel for him; he is unsure about what to feel for her; both are insecure and scared; and both have baggage (releases exes) they need to do.

So I am really stumped on the Queen being the outcome.

Thanks for your input!
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