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Two Additional Books

I'm spending the Summer holidays catching up on my reading - two books that particularly have impressed me are:

Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum - 'Temperament, Astrology's Forgotten Key'. Greenbaum has done some translations for Project Hindsight but this is her first solo book. It is divided into three parts - a historical review of the ideas about temperament; an empirical study of the temperament of a group of school children with a comparison between Astrological indications and teacher assessment; a final part that looks at how we can use temperament in a modern Astrological practise - with sample charts, including those of George W Bush and Tony Blair.

For those who wish to look at character analysis without the psycho babble this is an excellent book and I've tried using Greenbaum's principles in Isthmus' threads on mystery charts, with interesting results. The only learning curve is picking up the four types of Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic and Phlegmatic (roughly corresponding to Fire, Air, Earth and Water).

The other book is 'A History of Horoscopic Astrology' by James H. Holden. The Greenbaum book has just been published but this has been around for nearly ten years. It basically goes from the Babylonians through Greeks, Arabs and the Medieval period to the present day (or about ten years ago). It's an excellent account of how Astrology developed and how techniques and methods have changed. It really does give the background and context to our practise.

One of a whole series of intresting asides is in the review of Dr. John Dee, the Astrologer to Elizabeth I. Apparantly Dee used to sign his notes to the Queen with the monogram '007', with the top of the '7' extended over the zeroes to convey the impression that he was the Queen's eyes. It was this that gave Ian Fleming the idea of giving James Bond the designation 007. If you want to understand where Astrology came from this is the book to read.
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