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Does anyone else see a kind of ethereal blade behind the veil, fading away into the blue light and buddah-like face? I find this card extremely powerful, the composition seems very subtle but conveys a great deal. For instance, the way the buddah-child appears near the shadow of the human figure behind the veil but not on or through it. And the way they both seem to have been hidden behind the veil, together but unknown to eachother. Perhaps consciousness is the viewer's perspective in this card, and a shadowy sense of self is being replaced by a vivid, real, and almost tangible buddah-consciousness, childlike in its innocence but carrying truth which burns through the veil of maya and illusions. Is the 'blade' refer to a need to stop fighting ones way to enlightment, or thinking oneself into buddah-hood? When one stops forcing it is when the veil begins to burn away and true consciousness shines through? Lots of questions, fascinating card.

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