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Seven Stations Major Arcana Study

The Seven Stations is a method of looking at the tarot in relation to the seven stations of Origin - Inspiration - Power - Turning Point - Transformation - Epiphany - Destiny. The full thread can be explored here.

Outer Path
The Outer Path represents the material world – one’s environment and the events that happen to a person. What helped for me was to look at this as the physical realm.

As Origin, the Magician says that one should begin by gathering the tools that one needs in order to mold one’s environment as one likes. As Inspiration, the Emperor suggests the idea/desire to overcome physical restrictions through the use of one's own physical resources. As Power, the Chariot suggests that having control over conflicting impulses and emotions allows on to achieve the victory and triumph that puts one in charge. As Turning Point, the Wheel of Fortune shows the vicissitudes and changes that are part of life, the cycle of ups and downs that everyone goes through. As Transformation, Death represents letting go of that which doesn’t move one along the path toward one’s goal and transitioning to something that does. As Epiphany, the Tower suggests an external event that causes one to experience that AHA moment that brings clarity, illumination and revelation. As Destiny, the Sun represents a successful outcome, material happiness and a clear perspective on what one has accomplished in life.

Inner Path

The Inner Path represents the psychological world – lessons learned from and reactions to the Outer Path. What helped for me was to look at this as the mental realm.

As Origin, the High Priestess suggests coming face to face with that which is unknown. As Inspiration, the Hierophant represents turning toward that which is orthodox, regimented and conventional, conforming to the path taken by the masses. As Power, Strength suggests the self-discipline and internal fortitude needed to break away from the masses so that one can face one’s fears on one’s own. As a Turning Point, Justice represents reaping what one has sown, experiencing reactions to one’s actions, and seeing the effects of what one causes. As Transformation, Temperance suggests taking all of one’s disparate and sometimes conflicting experiences to date and blending them together until they form a mixture that’s right for that particular person. As Epiphany, the Star represents the clarity of thought and vision that confirms that one is on the right path. As Destiny, Judgement suggests moving on from earthly concerns and transcending to another level.

The Hidden Path
The Hidden Path represents the eternal world – spiritual ramifications and deeper meanings of the other paths. What helped for me was to think of this as the spiritual path.

As Origin, the Empress represents birth or the beginning of one’s spiritual quest. As Inspiration, the Lovers highlights the importance of one's choice of which path to pursue. As Power, the Hermit represents the result of overcoming one’s subconscious, irrational fears and ignorance through the wisdom, knowledge and logic gained from the Hermit’s journey. As Turning Point, the Hanged Man is the realization that one must give up something in order to receive something else. As Transformation, the Devil represents the casting off of the material concerns that have kept one from advancing on their spiritual path. As Epiphany, the Moon suggests the realization that one’s path is clearly laid out before them and is easy to traverse as long as one follows the true light of illumination and not the reflected light of (dis)illusion. As Destiny, the World represents perfection and completion, the joining of one’s spirit with the Universe and the attainment of harmony.

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