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The seeking is like finding little hidden pieces of treasure as we go along. Perhaps life is a treasure hunt, and we're given maps such as the things we read, the sights and visions we see and find magic in - the little ecstasies we feel and epiphanies we are in awe of. Sometimes these treasures and other cannot be shared with others: they are our own precious secret, our own peculiar gifts. The musing is a delight, the answers that come tease us to keep searching.

Waite is likely leading you to a door: you search around the door for the hidden key, then find it and step through the door into a new universe of understanding. There are then other doors and universes. But on the way, we create doors and hide keys of our own which others may step through and they then create their own which we step through. But the keys need to be hidden, or at the least we should have many doors to try before a door opens.

Gene Wilder in the boat in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comes to mind "The suspense is killing me, I hope it lasts". And I have learnt (however difficult it was to accept) that I will not know it all - for this divine providence you speak of is continually creating. Happy travels and Eureka moments!
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