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I just happened past this thread again - there are so many decks out there and even the "best" decks of all time are going to have their critics.

If we all loved the same deck, why bother with any of the others?

I personally love the DM, but I can see why some people hate it. It's not for everyone. Just like every other deck that has been mentioned on this thread.

I like the Robin Wood deck but when my mind is a certain way (feeling quite dark as an example) I can't bring myself to look at the skipping smiling dancing figures - it's just too much!

Love and hate - in a way it is easy to feel strongly one way or another for a deck - and I think the feeling can switch over to the other almost as fast.

...and when we label decks "best of all time" then it is certainly going to be looked at a lot more closely to see why it deserves the title. (I'm not saying this deck does deserve this title by the way - I think there is definately more that one deck that shares the attributes of best deck)

Question - If you had to name ONE painting as the best work of all time, which one would you pick? - how could you? There are so many beautiful paintings that deserve the titile for different reasons and some of them are the most moving and dark pieces.

Going to wander off again now....
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